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The Performance Insights Process™

Included in the Performance Insights Process™ is:

  • Business Profile – We kick start the process by taking a snapshot of the Advisory Team Practice. The Principal will supply data in areas such as Assets under management, revenues, number of clients, team structure and goals.
  • Strengths and Motivators Assessments – Each team member will receive two assessments. The first explains HOW a person behaves, what their natural strengths are, what work energizes them, and their preferred work environment. It is an excellent tool for identifying roles and responsibilities and the communication style of each team member. The second explains WHY a person does what they do, what drives them, and how they can be fulfilled in the job. This is an excellent tool for identifying the culture and chemistry of a team so that team members enjoy working with one another.
  • Team Summary – A team composite of team members’ strengths and the impact on the structure of the team.
  • Team Performance Assessment™ – The Team Performance Assessment allows each team member to rate the overall team dynamics based on four areas: Interpersonal, Structure, Management Approach, and Leadership.
  • Business Performance Assessment™ – The Business Performance Assessment allows each team member to rate the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the business based on our FIND • GRIND • MIND™ Model.
  • Telephone Consultation by Certified Team Consultants – Professional consultation to help you interpret your team’s assessments and get the most out of the data collected in addition to developing a strategy for your team structure. Discussions include business optimization, identification of roles and responsibilities for your team members, and uncovering any practice management issues that may be holding your business back from achieving greater success. Three 60-90 minute telephone consulting sessions are included in the process.

The Performance Insights Process™ helps you determine how best to use a person’s talents in a team. As an awareness tool, these assessments can help your team members understand themselves and each other better to improve communication within the team. You can also discover stressors within the work environment and any possible barriers to success in one’s current role or position. As a predictive instrument, they can be used to anticipate how one will behave in various situations, and therefore they can be a good determinant of job performance. This process is also essential in determining the viability of a partnership by identifying specific, objective pros and cons of the potential partnership.

The Performance Insights Process™ fee is determined by the number of team members you have. For teams with 3 to 6 members, the fee is $2300 (Save $200). For teams with 7 to 10 members, the fee is $3300 (Save $200). Be sure to mention “FPA” when you order. Please contact us for larger teams. All discovery, assessments, analysis, and certified telephone consulting sessions are included.


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