Krista Sheets

Krista Sheets, Co-founder of Performance InsightsPresident of both Performance Insights and Paragon Resources, Krista considers herself a Team Architect and Developer helping financial professionals design team infrastructures for continued success. She consults with teams on partnership viability, identifying team member roles and responsibilities that capitalize on each person’s talents, optimizing the team structure for efficient service, and minimizing practice management issues through proven processes. Krista provides an objective, expert analysis that helps successful investment professionals make wiser decisions on the growth of their practices. She is most effective working with teams who have a commitment for excellence and internal firm departments who want to be leaders in the industry.

Krista joined Paragon Resources in January, 1997 and works exclusively with investment advisory teams plagued by practice management issues. With a desire to solve problems and help people work more effectively together, she focuses her services on helping teams capitalize on their most valuable asset – their people – which she calls ROP = Return on People™. She has worked with hundreds of teams in all stages of development and with Senior Management of Regional and Wall Street companies building results-driven, firm-wide solutions. In 2003, she became Managing Partner at Paragon Resources and in 2006 became President and Owner. In 2007, she co-authored Know Service- 5 Steps to 5-Star Service for Financial Professionals. Krista shares her industry expertise by contributing articles and interviews to several industry trade publications and participating in industry conferences, workshops, webinars, and discussion panels. She graduated from Boston University with a BSBA and is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Motivators Analyst. She grew up in Southern New Jersey and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


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