John Hagedorn


Professional Background:

John brings over 30 years of experience as a manager, coach, mentor, trainer, and friend to financial services professionals.

John has served in a variety of leadership roles in support of training and coaching individual producers and teams throughout his career with Wells Fargo Advisors and A.G. Edwards, where he enhanced the production and life quality for top producers and their teams.

In addition, John has been recognized by the industry for his contributions towards the education and development of financial advisors, and has held multiple leadership positions in industry and regulatory organizations. Prior to beginning his career in the financial services industry, John worked for Monsanto, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and served in the U.S. Army where he earned two Bronze Star medals and the Army Commendation medal.

John has worked with thousands of individuals and teams in the financial services industry in various stages of their development. He has continuous exposure to the current thinking about best practices and challenges that individuals and teams face in striving to be more effective in accomplishing their objectives inside the constraints of their environment.

He believes that successful teams are doing most things right and that there is real value in identifying what can be enhanced and what needs to be changed to accomplish stronger results.


Financial services retail-oriented advisory teams are ideal for John’s coaching approach. He can also work with teams that are committed to making the adjustments necessary to perform at a higher level and are willing to make significant changes in their business practice style to accomplish a breakthrough.

John also has considerable experience in mediating team disputes where a disinterested third party may add perspective in the dispute resolution.

Finally, John has been a presenter at national and regional forums inside the company and at industry meetings throughout his career.


John’s approach to coaching and mentoring is simple. He will work to assure that the team members are in agreement and grounded in personal, partnership, and productivity agendas.
He will work with team members to identify what they consider to be the most important things they should focus on individually to drive the team’s vision and mission.
Then, with agreement from the team leadership, he will help them to create goals and action plans they can implement with the support and accountability of their peers.


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