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Professional Background:

Since entering the financial services industry over 37 years ago, Rick has had a broad range of roles and responsibilities with a significant focus on training, coaching, leadership development, and practice management for top-performing financial advisory teams. All of this has led to his recent decision to form his own independent coaching and consulting firm.

The new firm, ClientEdge Corp., will specialize in working with professional sales and leadership teams that place a primary emphasis on continuing to grow their franchise, while simultaneously possessing the core value of always putting the client first. In addition to Rick’s 37 plus years of hands-on coaching perspectives, one of the key differentiators for the ClientEdge coaching experience will be the strategic partners and professional alliances that Rick has aligned with to provide the depth and breadth of overall knowledge and experience that can meet the needs and challenges of any professional sales or leadership team.

Rick also has received three coaching certifications that will continue to provide a deep level of expertise when coaching teams, which include being a Certified Wealth Strategist from Cannon Financial Institute, Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst and Certified Professional Motivators Analyst from Target Training International, Ltd.

Prior to starting his own firm, Rick had extensive experience in management, recruiting, training, business development, and coaching while employed by Morgan Stanley for the past twelve years. Before joining Morgan Stanley in 2002, Rick had significant experience as a financial advisor, branch and regional manager for two FINRA Regional Firms, as well as being their National Director of Recruiting and Training of new financial advisors. In addition, he was a Region Director for Leadership Development at American Express Financial Advisors, where his primary responsibilities were providing leadership development to branch leadership teams, and practice management to financial advisors and their teams. As a former business owner, Rick and his partners had their initial public offering and went public in 1986.


Practice Management, Leadership Development, Business Development and Sales, Client Service, and Training & Recruiting


  • Professional Sales, Business and Leadership Teams, with a specialization in the Financial Services Industry
  • New Teams in formation
  • Existing teams that are “growth ready,” and committed to actively participating in the coaching-consulting process to continue to expand their business or franchise
  • New or existing teams that put their clients, customers, employees, and/or constituents FIRST, and want to continue to provide a world class experience that will lead to greater advocacy for their business or franchise, as well as create greater employee/partner loyalty to the team


“When you empower individuals and teams to identify, create, and deliver a competitive and differentiating Client Experience it can lead to world class advocacy for your business, practice or team.”


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Testimonials for Rick LeFauve:

  • “Rick is a great trainer and an excellent coach. He understands how to help FA’s execute on their business plans and helps them in the creation of actionable ideas for long term success and growth of their practices.” Nicolas D., Vice President, National Development Officer at a Global Investment Firm
  • “I have had an extraordinary successful career in sales and entrepreneurship, and Rick was instrumental in my growth and development as one of my first mentors and coaches. His experience, insights and guidance are matched only by his affable manner and desire to provide real value to his clients. I highly recommend him.”
    Stephen K., Managing Director at a Corporate Finance & Advisory Firm
  • “Rick has been an advisor to me since 2005. His insightful support and expertise has been invaluable, keeping me focused and motivated to grow and expand my business, as well as institute a highly differentiated client service model. Most recently, he has been instrumental in helping me prepare to become our financial advisory Teams’ Leader. I will be forever grateful to him.”
    Michele H., Financial Advisor at a Global Investment Firm


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