Creating Your Growth System: The Four Essential Elements

New Client Acquisition is the life-blood of a vibrant, growing practice. But, finding new business in today’s ever-competitive marketplace is one of the biggest challenges for advisory teams looking to take their practice to the next level of performance. This module provides an introduction to four essential elements that advisory teams must consider as they build their plan for growth. The four essential growth elements are:

  1. Defining Your Value & Ideal Client
  2. Communicating Your Value
  3. Marketing Your Value
  4. Managing Growth

In today’s industry, traditional new client acquisition methods no longer work. Old-school PUSH sales practices have been replaced with PULL branding & marketing techniques. The growth methodology requires sourcing potential clients, fostering a connection with them, and making the close. This foundational module helps participants gain clarity on creating a plan, a process, and the basis to KNOW their value, SHOW their value, and GROW their value in an evolving marketplace.

Expected Results:

Participants will leave the workshop having:

  • refined their definition of an ideal client and gained clarity on their niche audience
  • a new framework to articulate their compelling and differentiating story, both on-line and off-line
  • a plan to leverage the highest yielding marketing techniques for both organic and non-organic growth
  • a process to drive pipeline development and tracking of potential new revenue


  • Participants will analyze top clients to uncover their core attributes and purchase decision criteria (PDCs). They will then define the key leading activities that will create reputational currency and transition from interruption-based marketing to permission-based marketing.
  • Participants will take inventory of the 10 channels of new business and determine how to re-balance their time by identifying what they need to STOP, CHANGE, CONTINUE, or START in order to yield the best client acquisition results going forward.


This module is suited for any team members responsible for prospecting, new client acquisition, existing client expansion, creating or executing a comprehensive marketing plan, or executing growth strategies new to the practice.

This module is suited for teams or practices who:

  • Are experiencing stagnation or a production plateau
  • Have a stale pipeline
  • Have no marketing plan or systematized process
  • Continue to take on ANYone as a client
  • Continue to use old sales techniques with poor results
  • Have no consistent team story

(Follow-up Coaching: Each participant will be eligible for a 45-minute personal consultation with one of the experienced coaches to answer their specific questions and help them begin to develop their plan for FINDING new business.)