Driving Impactful Client Meetings

Every client encounter has either a positive or negative effect on the client experience! Client meetings are an opportunity to wow the client; they are a chance to deliver great communication, education, appreciation and service. Regardless of investment performance numbers, client meetings provide the chance to expand and deepen the relationship and to deliver tremendous value.

This module provides practical information, ideas, and how-to content so participants can create the ideal plan, structure, and process to execute memorable and impactful client meetings!

Expected Results:

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • the framework for the 3 critical phases: preparation, execution, and follow-up
  • the structure to create a systematized client meeting process including WHAT should be done, by WHOM on the team, and by WHEN
  • the context to ensure that the meeting includes the appropriate combination of: portfolio and plan review, life event updates, organic growth and relationship development, solicitation of feedback, and opportunities to connect to others
  • behavioral information and tips on when to stay high-level versus when to dive deep into the minutia
  • all the tools necessary to drive impactful, efficient, and organized client meetings


  • Participants will take inventory of their current practices and identify what they need to STOP, CHANGE, CONTINUE, or START doing in order to improve the effectiveness of their client meetings.
  • Client Meeting Resource Kit – including sample communications to schedule and confirm meetings; discovery and summary templates for post meeting follow-up; sample checklists and agendas to set the stage for meetings that run like clockwork; best practices; a sample process template to customize, etc. (All public correspondence should be passed through your appropriate compliance channels.)

This module is applicable for any team member regardless of title but may be best suited for those who play a critical role within the client meeting process. This module is appropriate for teams or practices who:

  • Lack a systematized process altogether
  • Execute file prep 5 minutes before client arrival time
  • Need to expand beyond “the review” to “the relationship”
  • Lack clarity on the frequency question
  • Are unclear on who is responsible for what tasks within the client meeting process
  • Find themselves trying to remember what happened in a client meeting two days later
  • Suffer from last minute meeting requests or multiple client walk-ins

(Follow-up Coaching: each participating team will be eligible for a 45-minute personal consultation with one of the experienced coaches to answer their specific questions and help them develop or adjust their team’s client meeting process and plan.)