Driving Productivity – Maximize Your Return on Time

Time has become a most precious commodity! With an increase in industry rules, regulations, and administrative requirements, financial professionals are finding that they are spending too much time in the wrong activities. Many leave the office each day feeling unproductive and lacking control; we become chained to the reactive nature of the industry and daily life. This module provides practical information and ideas so participants can make wiser decisions on how, where, and with whom to spend their time in order to attain the results they seek at the fastest pace possible!

Expected Results:

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • the framework to better structure their time AND a process to create and replicate their ideal schedule
  • identified personal ‘time-wasters’ to avoid in the future in order to stay focused on goals
  • improved balance to ensure ALL elements of their role receive the appropriate attention
  • improved time allocation on tactical versus strategic activities
  • the structure to create a systematized calendar
  • a team process to drive daily priorities
  • increased capacity to get more done and increase their ROT – Return on Time


  • Participants will take inventory of their current time allocations and ‘to-do’ strategies and identify what they need to STOP, CHANGE, CONTINUE, or START doing in order to improve their productivity.
  • Two-Week Time Study Resource
  • Time and Task Management Resource Kit


This module is applicable for any team member regardless of role or title. This module is appropriate for those who:

  • Need to more effectively manage their varying responsibilities
  • Seek a replicable process to drive their schedule
  • Aspire to transition from reactive to proactive
  • Desire to pick up the pace to achieving their goals
  • Have poor time management skills
  • Neglect practice management
  • Are guilty of procrastination on certain activities
  • Long to drive capacity to do other things
  • Wish to convert bad “time-behaviors” into positive practice management habits

(Follow-up Coaching: each participating team will be eligible for a 45-minute personal consultation with one of the experienced coaches to answer their specific questions and help them develop or adjust their time and task management behaviors.)