Maximizing Team Productivity with Efficient Systems

Every financial advisory practice has limitations of time and talent. We are all given the same amount of time to allocate to business results, so it is vital for team leaders to maximize the talents of each of their individual team members. This interactive module offers simple tried and true ways to increase capacity by designing efficient practice management systems that increase productivity and provide more time to develop personal client relationships.

Expected Results:

Participants will discuss the importance of developing and consistently utilizing systems in order to deliver on increased client needs. Without these designed efficiencies, advisory businesses are vulnerable to lower productivity and decreased profit margins. Participants will leave the program with tangible, step-by-step instructions that can be implemented upon return to their offices and that will serve as the foundation of their own Team Standard Operating Procedural Manual.


  • A determination for which business processes should be systematized for each individual practice represented.
  • A quick and effective method for designing systems using the combined talents of their team members.
  • An interactive activity to create systems for New Client On-boarding and Client Review Meetings. (Alternate system examples are available if preferred.)


This module is well-suited for any team leader or team member who finds that their practice is being bogged down by inefficiencies and needs to create more capacity in their practice.