Maximizing Your ROP™ – Driving TEAM Performance

High-performance teams are a critical component of the success equation in today’s industry but with more people partnering up and working together, often more challenges surface. We usually hear the same team ailments in this industry: miscommunication, interpersonal conflict, lack of organizational structure, tasks falling through the cracks, and lack of leadership direction. Each of these areas can severely impact the team’s ability to deal with the ever increasing daily demands and the level of personal career fulfillment that each member realizes. This module includes our Team Performance Assessment as pre-work and creates the unique opportunity to deliver customized content in a group setting.

Expected Results:

The insight gained from this module can be utilized as the foundation for an immediate action plan to improve team dynamics upon the participants’ return to their offices. Results are specific to each team’s needs.

  • Improved awareness through the inclusive input of ALL team members on their view of the efficiency and effectiveness of the current team
  • Improved productivity and structure including how the team operates and functions
  • Improved interpersonal relationships and team dynamic
  • Improved leadership in how the group is encouraged to perform


Participants receive a customized report including:

  • A team performance summary analysis reflecting the team’s hierarchy of strengths
  • Percentage ratings for each of the four areas: interpersonal, structure, management approach, and leadership approach
  • Recommendations on which areas the team should build upon to capitalize on strengths and which areas the team should directly focus on for improvement
  • Detailed and anonymous reporting of how team members responded to the assessment questionnaire along with their comments and suggestions
  • Suggested ideas for improvement and developmental strategies


This module is well suited for teams of at least three individuals who have been working together as a group for a minimum of six months. These teams may be experiencing:

  • Poor communication among team members
  • Internal conflict
  • A lack of understanding of who is responsible for what
  • Unclear direction on workflow
  • Lack of clarity on the vision of the practice and team
  • A feeling of multiple silos rather than an integrated team
  • Lack of recognition
  • Things falling through the cracks
  • Lack of capacity
  • Lack of idea sharing
  • Underperforming team members