Segmentation and Migration – Less is More!

Client base organization is fundamental to an efficient and profitable business. A well-segmented client base is critical for implementing your service models, driving your marketing initiatives, and positioning the practice for future growth by ensuring that you focus on ideal prospects within your market niche. Expansive client bases that lack organization negatively impact the valuation of the business when you consider succession. Holding on to clients who no longer fit the practice negatively impacts your brand in the communities you serve.

We all know the importance of segmentation; this module sets the stage for participants to utilize a systematic approach to both create and maintain a well-structured client base that will drive service, communication, and growth.

Expected Results:

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • a replicable process to organize and segment your client base
  • specific and customized criteria by which to measure the value each client contributes to your practice
  • a clear and succinct definition of your ideal client
  • the tools to turn this practice management activity into a revenue-generating activity
  • best practices on how to migrate relationships which no longer fit
  • improved team awareness of client knowledge and each client’s value to the business
  • the foundation to establish service model levels and deliverables
  • a system to ensure that you maintain your new client base organization


  • Utilizing our Q-I-Q analysis, participants will begin to prioritize the criteria most pertinent to their team in organizing and segmenting their client base
  • Client Base Organization Resource Kit including scorecards, templates, instructional how-to content, and sample segmentation criteria, etc.


This module is applicable for any team members with some responsibility for the organization of the client base. This module is appropriate for teams or practices who:

  • Suffer from business obesity; too many relationships
  • Seek a replicable process to maintain client base organization
  • want to maximize current relationships and uncover organic growth opportunities
  • Seek the basis to “value” their client base
  • Need to increase team knowledge on client relationships
  • Still bring on the ‘wrong’ type of new clients
  • Are beginning to think about succession and transitioning client relationships
  • Need to migrate relationships who no longer fit
  • Are looking to expand the team and bring on an advisor to take over a subset of the client base

(Follow-up Coaching: each participating team will be eligible for a 45-minute personal consultation with one of the experienced coaches to answer their specific questions on client base organization.)