Setting the Stage for Team Success – It Begins with Understanding Your Talents

We often focus so much time on the numbers that we forget that it is PEOPLE who drive those numbers; they are fundamental to solving problems and optimizing success. To achieve ROI, you must first focus on ROP™ – Return on People! Utilizing our validated assessments, this session will provide participants with the fundamental elements that will lead to a dramatic impact on working together more effectively and efficiently.

Expected Results:

This module helps team members gain a strong understanding of each other’s style, communication preferences, performance energizers, and engagement drivers.

  • Self-awareness and team member awareness
  • Team member alignment with business needs
  • Identification of any gaps of coverage in the organization
  • Effective communication and personal interactions
  • An increase in individual and team achievements


  • DISC and Motivators assessments – a 35+ page user’s guide to enhance the individual assets of your organization
  • Team Summary to reveal the collective uniqueness of your team and align natural talents to organizational roles
  • A model for understanding how to expand the team including our FIND-GRIND-MIND® methodology
  • An action plan on how to utilize the information in team strategy sessions
  • A clear path to understanding how to expand the team for the future


This module is well suited for ALL stages of team formation – from NEW to ESTABLISHED – who are experiencing:

  • Miscommunication between team members
  • Unclear direction on how to capitalize on the strengths of team members
  • Disorganized work
  • Underperforming team members
  • Lack of clarity on the contributions of team members