Defining Responsibilities – Maximizing Talent through Role Alignment

People are THE most important asset of any business; it is people who make or break success. If you don’t have the right people on the team who have the right skill sets, attitude, and chemistry, you will find yourself on the proverbial hamster wheel. All strategies and tactics within your vision, mission, and plan become completely irrelevant if you can’t find the right people to execute the workload. Having a system to align the right team members with the right responsibilities is fundamental. This module focuses on creating and implementing a role alignment process that works regardless of your value proposition or the phase of the team lifecycle. Whether you are a sole practitioner looking to create a team for the first time or a multi-advisor, multi-support member experienced team, this module will prove invaluable!

Expected Results:

Participants will leave the workshop with…

  • a powerful tool and repeatable process to work through role definition and alignment
  • a team activity that helps drive engagement and commitment
  • the knowledge to expand the practice with the RIGHT roles and division of responsibilities going forward
  • the ability to turn generic old job descriptions into tactical role profiles
  • a means for team member accountability, growth, workflow, and performance measurement


Participants will:

  • Engage in facilitated open discussion about team roles
  • Begin to create their custom responsibility matrix
  • Receive our Role & Responsibility Toolbox


This module is well suited for:

  • Team leaders, advisors, and support members
  • Teams struggling with a method to divide up the responsibilities within the practice
  • Teams feeling capacity pains and seeking to understand how to expand going forward
  • Those feeling that they have the right people on the team but perhaps not in the right roles
  • Advisors who are contemplating forming a team

(Follow-up Coaching: each team will be eligible for a 45-minute personal consultation with one of the experienced coaches to answer their specific questions and help them begin to define and/or realign roles and responsibilities within their practice.)


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