“Sarah and Krista’s process to building long-term, successful client relationships is the most innovative and comprehensive solution I have seen for the financial community. It is simple to follow and their tools provide a roadmap for immediate implementation! Executing these ideas is a sure way to take your business to new heights.”
~ Millye, Agency Manager

“Krista and her team have quite literally changed the way I manage my business. Their DISC questionnaires and interpretations are a must to help integrate new hires, and they’ve helped immeasurably in how we problem solve as a team. Each person’s unique attributes are valued and it’s made 1+1+4. I now appreciate the balance of skill sets and personality types that makes our team special and more productive. I see my career as taking off from the point I learned about Paragon.”
~ Mary, Wealth Management Advisor

“Sarah is a results-driven professional with broad-based experience in multi-disciplinary facilities, encompassing all aspects of sales management, business development, and client relations. An accomplished professional and effective communicator, she possesses excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills and is a motivational leader with the ability to build, train, inspire, and mentor successful teams to outstanding performance.”
~ Rick, Director of IT

“Building and managing a practice is difficult. Today’s environment demands that we embrace proactive service and teams to grow and serve our clients successfully and competently. Krista and Sarah are dynamic professionals who will help you produce measurable results for your team or business while learning invaluable lessons about life and people.”
~ Matt, Director of Training

“This was an important exercise for our team. Doing this as a group has opened some doors to change and allowed us to understand each other better. It has given me some confidence regarding the potential shifting of some tasks within our team to allow more time to be allocated to natural strengths and less time to things that will drain their energy or create stress…Specifically, your expertise with the interpretation of the results was invaluable and the specific knowledge of our industry allowed you to give examples that truly resonated with each of us. You and your team have provided true actionable insights…Every veteran rep should go through this process with their team.”
~ Chris, Wealth Management Advisor

“Your insight was truly profound! We had two brief meetings to discuss your findings and we can already feel the difference in the air. The team really seems energized.”
~ George, Managing Director

“We all have an exceptionally positive feeling following your coaching session. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was an 11. What you accomplished in 75 minutes saved us months of trying to figure some of this stuff out. Thanks again.”
~ Gary, Financial Planner