Sarah Dale and Krista Sheets, founders of Performance InsightsIn late 2005, Paragon Resources and Know No Bounds discovered that we shared the same vision… to help financial services professionals and firms increase their business, optimize their practices, and subsequently make an impact on their lives and those of their clients. Both Krista and Sarah have a strong belief in the team approach and the importance of maximizing all relationships that impact the success of financial practices and firms. Our clear synergies, complementary talents, expertise, and a passion to make a difference led us down the road to a strategic alliance!

In 2009 we published the book, KNOW SERVICE: 5 Steps to 5 Star Service for Financial Professionals and in 2011, we launched Performance Insights. In practicing what we preach on teaming, we collaborate on almost everything we do in order to bring the most value to our clientele – the financial services industry.

Meet the founders:

Krista Sheets, Founder and President, Performance Insights, Inc.Krista Sheets

Founder and President, Performance Insights, Inc.
President, Paragon Resources, Inc.


Sarah Dale, Founder, Performance Insights, Inc.Sarah Dale

Founder and Partner Performance Insights, Inc.
President, Know No Bounds, LLC.