Maximizing Your ROD™ – Driving BUSINESS Performance

Advisory teams must KNOW their business intimately if they want to GROW their business and reap the rewards of a successful business. Utilizing our FIND GRIND MIND® Model, this module helps participants evaluate the three foundational building blocks of their practice.

Participants will engage in our Business Performance Assessment (BPA) as pre-work creating the unique opportunity for our experienced consultants to deliver customized content in a group setting. Through understanding each TEAM member’s perception of both the efficiency and effectiveness of the core practice functions, we strive to eliminate the root causes of the obstacles that are hindering the teams’ ultimate success.

Expected Results:

Participants gain awareness on their Return on Decisions (ROD™) – providing insight on the value of each decision made or not made that has created their current success levels and, more importantly, guiding them to make the right strategic decisions for future growth.

  • Improved awareness through the inclusive input of ALL team members
  • Identification of the barriers to success in the practice
  • The basis to create functional roles and responsibilities
  • Business planning that includes goals for all areas of the practice and a road map to serve as an accountability document
  • Improved resource utilization, increased capacity, and efficient task management
  • A tool and mechanism to systematize your practice through our Client Relationship Lifecycle™


Teams receive a customized Business Performance Report including:

  • A functional analysis for the seven core functions scored in terms of efficiency and effectiveness
  • A resource analysis detailing information on how TIME is currently allocated in the practice
  • A summary of team input on the strengths and challenges of the practice including both positive attributes to build on and frustrations to minimize or eliminate
  • A summary of action items that you should start and stop doing to drive performance
  • Our People + Process = Performance™ Practice Management Inventory

In an extended version of this program, participants will engage in Table Talk brainstorming and sharing of best practices regarding the FIND GRIND MIND® areas.


This module is well suited to teams of at least three individuals who have been working together as a group for a minimum of 6 months. These teams may be experiencing:

  • Lack of growth, stagnation, or a production plateau
  • Capacity challenges
  • Poor communication
  • Time management frustrations
  • Client departures
  • A lack of systems and processes
  • An unorganized client base
  • Things falling through the cracks
  • Poor client feedback
  • A less than satisfactory service model
  • Role and responsibility gaps or duplication of efforts
  • Underperforming team members


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