Teams – Defining Client-Facing Advisor Roles

A team’s Mission & Vison for their client’s experience establishes the North Star for everything a team does. And, the client-facing roles that advisors play support that mission and justifies the team to their market. Client-facing advisor roles can be broken down into two primary realms – Relationship Management and Technical Roles.

The relationship manager role binds a client to the team and serves as the quarterback for all interactions with the team. To manage individual team member capacity, leveraging the technical roles across the advisors on the team will demonstrate to prospects, clients, and the market that a group of highly talented professionals serving as specialists can deliver a customized experience that fulfills all their varying financial needs.

The team mission is in effect a promise to all who read it…clients, prospects, and the market at large. So it logically follows that the team must have people in technical roles that are necessary to fulfill the promise of the mission. This module is designed to aid participants in delineating the client-facing advisor roles that they need to deliver on their value proposition.

Expected Results:

  • determined the right client-facing roles for their team based upon their team’s vison for their client’s experience
  • identified the best team members to fulfill the roles
  • defined development plans to improve the competency for each role if needed


Participants will engage in facilitated open discussion about team roles and will be asked to:

  • Describe Technical Roles needed to fulfill the team’s mission/vision for their “Client Experience”
  • Compare those Technical Roles to the current roles now in place and determine if any adjustments should be made
  • Match those Technical Roles to existing team members who are the best fit for the roles OR identify the specific gap and job description to expand the team moving forward
  • Design a development plan for increasing the skill levels in each Technical Role as need be
  • Define the duties of the Relationship Manager role


This module is suited for:

  • Advisors who are contemplating forming a team
  • Team leaders who want to improve their team’s “Client Experience” for their best clients and learn how to align their team’s roles to do a better job of executing
  • Multi-advisor teams struggling to delineate who should be responsible for what specialty areas

(Follow-up Coaching: each participant will be eligible for a 45-minute personal consultation with one of the experienced coaches to answer their specific questions and help them begin to develop a succession plan.)


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