Why Our Workshops Are Different

  • Sustainable Results – Participants go home with peer-to-peer ideas, leading information from expert faculty, action plans, and the ability to engage faculty as a coach in the future to drive consistent ongoing growth.
  • Interactive – Our programs are focused on doing not talking! Modules include activities, table-talk, and exchange with expert consultants.
  • Customized – Our programs are designed specifically for YOUR firm’s needs. Our modular approach allows us to create a program together that addresses your teams’ specific pain points.
  • Diagnostics – Our programs include diagnostic tools to identify the potential performance barriers that are hindering your teams from their ultimate success. Gaining input prior to the program is critical in understanding your audience and delivering customized solutions.
  • Focused – With the complexities of an advisory practice in today’s world, we offer an extensive array of topics to help teams become high performers in all areas of the practice. To simplify and help participants stay focused within the modules, we utilize a consistent methodology throughout our offerings – the FIND-GRIND-MIND® model.
  • Phased – As with any initiative focused on ROI, our offerings are a process not an event! We include pre-work, a workbook, personalized reports, and action plans to drive momentum after the actual workshop. In addition, your firm can continue to build modular programs so your advisors and teams continue to delve deeper into specific practice management topics and become masters of every aspect of their craft.
  • Expert Faculty – The faculty is comprised of a diverse group of industry experts with a collaborative mindset, a team philosophy, and a drive to change the landscape of the industry.


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