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No one knows the needs of your teams better than you do! Our customized approach to building teaming programs allows you to choose the modules that will fulfill your greatest needs and provide solutions to your advisory teams’ most significant pain points. Whether you choose a half-day, full-day, or two-day program, by selecting a combination of the modules, you can truly build a program that is tailored to your company’s requirements.

The 90-minute modules below are available to customize your own exclusive team event. Click on each to learn more. Call or email us to help you create a unique initiative for your firm.

Maximizing Team Productivity with Efficient Systems

Setting the Stage for Team Success – It Begins with Understanding Your Talents

Maximizing Your ROP™ – Driving TEAM Performance

Maximizing Your ROD™ – Driving BUSINESS Performance

Glide-Path to Succession…How to Ensure a Soft-Landing for You and Your Financial Advisory Practice

Creating Your Growth System: The Four Essential Elements

Client Engagement: Creating and Delivering Your Ultimate Service Experience

Devising and Implementing Your Team Communication Plan

Driving Impactful Client Meetings

Driving Productivity – Maximize Your Return on Time

Segmentation and Migration – Less is More!

Teams – Defining Client-Facing Advisor Roles

Defining Responsibilities – Maximizing Talent through Role Alignment


Results-Driven Solutions

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